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We open the doors of our home so you can discover how a Valdivia brewery became Chile’s most valued beer brand.


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Ruta T-350 N°950, Valdivia, Chile

What is there to do at the Kunstmann Brewery Complex?

Have an incredible beer experience made up of various activities, soak up beer culture and enjoy a panorama that’s not to be missed in Valdivia, our place of origin.

As soon as you get here, you can learn about the various activities we have for you in our Visitor Center.
Our staff will be able to advise you and inform you about all the available tours, as well as private tasting and pairing experiences, special events, and the gastronomy and beer that you can enjoy in our restaurant “La Cervecería” (“The Brewery”).

Do you only have tours and tastings in Valdivia?

Beer tours are exclusive to our city of origin, where our only production plant is also located.
Additionally, we hold events such as tastings and special (experimental) brews at all Kunstmann bars throughout the country. To be notified of these events, we recommend you subscribe to the newsletter and follow us on social media.

Is beer knowledge necessary for tastings and tours?

No, because during the experience (tours and/or tastings), our guides will explain all the steps of the brewing process in a simple and entertaining way, and – at the same time – how to taste a beer.

What time does the Kunstmann brewery complex open?

The Visitor Center, “La Cervecería” Restaurant, and the different tours begin operating at noon.

How do I make a reservation for tastings and tours?

It is possible to make a reservation through our website (www.experiencia-kunstmann.cl), as well as at the Visitor Center front desk through the assistance of our hosts.

How do I get to the brewery complex?

The address is Ruta T-350 N°950, Valdivia. You can arrive by car and public transportation.

Can I buy beer at the brewery complex?

Within the brewery complex you can buy beer, available in the souvenir areas, where you will find various formats, such as: growlers, cans, bottles, variety boxes, and others.

Is it possible to book for large groups?

For special events, please write to us at experiencia@cerveceriakunstmann.cl, and our hosts will contact you.

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